Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Garage Roof Update #5 (The race is ON!)

It's Monday morning and the weather reports still look dismal for the afternoon/evening. There is a storm coming to Seattle out of the Gulf of Alaska. This is bad because at this point the roof doesn’t have the ridge cap shingles installed. This means rain water would get under the sheeting and shingles that are already up there.

On Sunday night I put up a tarp and black plastic to try and protect the un-shingled areas of the roof.
So, I head to work on Monday with plans to finish the roof after work. The race against the storm is going to be very tight.

At about noon I get a call from Tina (who is at the house) that the storm winds have picked up and blown off the plastic and tarp... oh well, so much for my safety net. So, I call Bob and he volunteers to head over to the house early and finish the roof before the rain starts (did I mention this guy is awesome!).  On my way home I get a call from Bob. We have run out of nails with 4 ridge cap shingles left to install (8 nails needed). Grrr.. this job is always so close, yet so far..
So, I pick up some nails on my panic drive back to the house.

After 4 days, 4000lb of disposed waste, 17 sheets of plywood cut and installed, and 17 bundles of shingles nailed down; Bob drives the last nail into the roof and we are finished. We have won the race!

Bob and I head to King's Hardware for burgers and beers (well, Bob had a lemonade... who's the man now Bob??? Ha!)

The rain starts within 2 hours of us finishing.

You can see the rain clouds rushing in acoss the Puget Sound.

Update: I climbed up into the garge attic during the heavy rains this week.  It is dry as a bone up there!  No drips, no moisture.


  1. The suspense was killing me. You should consider a career in mystery writing.