Friday, November 6, 2009

The results are in!

The results are in. Looks like we came in 19th out of 26 open amateur teams.

We came in 67th overall, out of 100, this year. Last year we came in 77th. So, we increased by 10 places since the last time, but still have plenty of room for improvement.

Lap times (please note that the 2008 course was only ~20 miles and this years course was ~25 miles)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back in Seattle

After a long drive we are back safe in Seattle. What a great race!

We unofficially came in 19th. The official results should be posted on the race website in a week. I will post them here once I have them. Just the fact that we were able to run the race continuously for 24 hours without a single mechanical or bodily breakdown is great by me.

Here is a video of Scott coming into the second check point on the last lap:

This has been a challenging but great experience. We are all extremely exhausted, but proud that we faced this challenge and finished. Getting out of the RV at 3:45am to get back on the bike and pound out a lap (in the dark) made me want to give up. but, now I am glad that I stuck it out!

Also, something should be said for the reliability of our machines. This terrain would destroy many types of vehicles within a few miles. But, mile after mile, our KTM racing machines never gave us any trouble.


19 laps (475miles) in 24 hours... Team Freaky Deaky finsishes the Almost 25 Hours of Starvation Ridge.

Photos of last lap

Scott is still out there, we caught him in action:

(Click on this one!)


Scott just hit the tips between his two laps. We fed him a cup of water and a banana.

Also, we took the liberty of rigging him up with a helmet mounted video camera. You can bet your ass that we will post any action packed footage right here!

1 hour 20 minutes until the big finish

What a night. Eric and I have just finished our 6th laps. We now currently in18th place! Eric's wrists finally gave out to repetitive motion pains, and my entire body has given up. My last lap was absolutely horrendous 2nd gear crawl taking just over 1.5 hours. 150 miles in 24 hours on extremely rough terrain. That is an accomplishment!

So, Eric and I have given all we have to give.... but Mr. Scott Harsila (aka Super Man, aka Super Nuni) has decided that he will two back-to-back laps to take our team all the way to the finish. He is now out on the first of those two laps. He made us promise that we would have a Moto-Sando, a coffee royal (coffee + crownR), and a Rainier beer waiting for him when he crosses the finish. We will are rooting for Scott!

Don't be afraid to leave him some encouraging comments!


We are now 6 hours away from the finish. Scott is out on his 5th lap now. Eric and I have done 5. This equals 125 miles each, which is ~2x what we usually consider a very long ride.

Last time Scott came in we were in 18th place, but have since dropped back to 21st after my relatively slow 5th lap. My out of shape body is about to give up.