Monday, September 28, 2009

Garage Roof Update #2 (Our new trash can)

Who would have thought a 20 yard dumpster would have fit in our little driveway perfectly?

After doing the math to calculate the cost of different waste disposal options, it turns out the dumpster is the best combination of reasonable price and convenience.  Also, it will afford us the opportunity to dispose of all the other rubbish that was left behind by the prior owners.  I figure it will be 6000lb of waste by the time we are done.

6000lb Disposal = 6 dump runs +405$


6000lb Disposal = dumpster + 489$

I am willing to pay the extra $80 to not have take 6 trips to the dump.  The nice thing about a dumpster is that you only have to load it... which makes it about 1/2 the physical labor when compared to making trips to the dump.  Probably a time savings of 50%+ as well.

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