Wednesday, September 2, 2009

G Theif just sent a new photo... This one is boring.
Come on G-Theif, show me a photo of my Gnome speeding down the autobahn at 220km/h. Give me something interesting.

(P.S. does anyone recognize these shelves?)


  1. Well lets see what the shelf inventory is:
    1 wayward gnome
    2 cans of Behr paint, looks like white or very light color
    1 iron (I don't have one in *my* shop...)
    1 pair of lawn spike sandals (for aerating grass)
    1 dirty green tarp (shower curtain used as a tarp?)
    1 tape gun
    A stack of books, all carefully turned so we can't see the titles
    1 tupperware box with something in it

    So... who recognizes something?

  2. It seems to be the shelf of a homeowner based on the paint and lawn shoes. Could the iron be for waxing skis? Is that a clamp on the tupperware box? The poor gnome must be bored out of his mind.

  3. I know who it is and I have informed Jon. Beware gnome snatcher.

  4. JFC. I now know what the hell Jared is talking about in his email. I should read your blog more often.

    He sent me this email
    "I know you are the gnome snatched. BOOMHEADSHOT!!!11onejuan"
    You know what I am talking about. Admit it.

    Good luck with the hunt :)