Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Garage Roof Update #4 (Shingle me timbers)

Sunday morning starts with a delicious scramble (a la Tina) and a strong cup of joe. Today we are ready to start the most exciting and satisfying part of the job: laying down the new shingles.

First things first. A bundle of PABCO Premier shingles weighs ~70lb each. They are somewhat awkward to carry because the are flimsy and bend into a U shape when you pick them up. So, I was curious as to how Bob planned on getting these bundles onto the roof.

So, I asked... "Hey Bob, should I start planning to build a ramp so we can rope these bundles up onto the roof?".

And Bob replied.. "Awwwe you're so cute. Now, be a man and carry them up the ladder".

With this, he slung a bundle over his shoulder and scurried up the ladder. So, I tried to follow suit. Wow, these things are heavy... You droop one over your shoulder and start a shaky climb up to the roof. I am now half way up the ladder and I can't decide which is burning more; my shoulder or my quads.

Luckily Bob gave me plenty of opportunity to practice this technique. I carried 15 of the 17 bundles onto the roof. I realized today that, if you are a roofer... you don't need a gym membership.

As I carried the shingles up onto the roof Bob began installing them. First he started by installing the drip metal and the starter shingles (just simple tabs installed at the edges). Then he began to show me how to "cut a book" of shingles to start your pattern properly. It's amazing, but the entire system is based on one "gage" dimension (in this case 5 5/8").

All of a sudden I could see the patterns begin to take shape... it was an amazing feeling.  These shingles have such a beautiful "slate type" look with 3-D shadows etc (hence the architectural designation).

Actual image from the garage roof

We worked until 2pm, when Bob had to leave, and finished about 90% of the roof (only things left are a few shingles and the ridge cap (very top line of shingles).  Here is a sneak peak:

Tina and I were left with the rest of the day to clean up the old roof debris that had fallen around the back and side edges of the building (the front pile was already transfered to the dumpster).


  1. I don't know Bob, but I like him! You need to invite him to a BBH function, so we can personally thank him for kicking your ass! haha! Looks great, guys!!