Sunday, June 28, 2009

MV Miss Behaven

This weekend marked our first urban boating excursion of the season. Tina's dad let us take out his 1964 Sabrecraft "Impella" 17' runabout. The boat is almost 100% original and gets tons of attention on the water. Here is a picture from last year:

The first time on the water after winter is always a little nerve-racking as you never know if the ol' motor (40hp Johnson Seahorse) is going to be happy after 6 months of sitting (although we go through a very thorough winterizing process).

After checking the spark plugs and changing the lower unit oil, we got the boat in the water at the Ballard launch. Now was the moment of truth (there were more than a few people watching). I set the choke and turned the key... RAHWRRRR.. she roars to life and kicks off the new season with an epic smoke cloud. This is due to the fogging oil we used in the motor when we winterized her.

We had an amazing day out on the water... but, unfortunately I forgot my damn camera. So, all I have to show is this cellphone pic of MV Miss Behaven parked at the Ivar's dock during our happy hour pit stop:

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