Friday, June 19, 2009

Dining room project

We have decided to refinish most of the main rooms in the house with fresh paint and Crown and Picture molding. After a grueling two weeks of "learning experiences" we where able to finish our bedroom:

Now that we are accomplished painters and finish carpenters, we are preparing to embark on a similar project in the dining room area (approx 2x the size).

We will document this process of converting a perfectly fine living room... into a Mystical Living Room.

Before Pictures:

This is the schedule we hope to keep:

Monday – Drink beer
Tuesday – Buy all supplies that we need
Wednesday – Mask off room
Thursday – Paint ceiling
Friday – Paint walls
Saturday – Start crown molding
Monday – Finish crown molding
Tuesday – Start Picture molding
Wednesday – Finish picture molding
Thursday – Caulk and paint, concludes project.

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