Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The BBQ can take a smoke break...

The old stove that came with the house was not in working order so we decided to find a new one. After looking at used ranges on CL we found that new stoves are worth the extra little bit of cash because:

1) They are new
2) They send men with strong backs (and senses of humor) to move the new stove in and haul away the old one.

In the meantime we used our highly modified BBQ grill to heat the meat. The grill didn't have much poop from the factory so we made a few tweaks:

The old stove was a 40" electric Frigidaire from the 60's. According to the poor bastards that had to haul it away, it was... well built. The good news is, the new stove they dropped off looks AWESOME! It is a Frigidaire PLGF659GC, which is probably one of the best 36" gas stoves for under $2K.

So, yesterday we set forth on our first natural gas plumbing project to run fuel to the stove. Yes, I looked up the codes.

Here is the crowded space under the stove.. the good news is, there is gas at the water heater. The bad news is.. there isn't much room to work:

Here we replace an elbow (90 degree) with a "T" to get out supply to the stove:

Here is a look at the piping configuration. There is an added joint for front-to-back degree of freedom (to help line up with the hole in the floor). Also, notice the vertical drip leg for capturing water or debris:

Here is a look at where the pipe heads up into the kitchen. Notice the pipe dope, this stuff is made for gas applications, DON'T use Teflon tape:

And, a view from the kitchen. Notice the emergency cutoff valve (must be in same room as range and within 6' of range... yes, I still need to clean up the sawdust):
So, at ~11pm we had the moment of truth. Turned on the gas supply to the house and checked for leaks with soapy water and our noses. None appeared (thank god).

Today, we enjoyed our first meal cooked in our new Mystical Kitchen. The lawn gnomes stared into the window with envy and disgust:

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