Saturday, October 31, 2009

14 hours to go... and our first setback

Just got back in from my third lap and scarfed down some dinner. I made the unfortunate error of not getting my night racing lights dialed in before starting that last lap. It was light out when I started.... and got dark within the first 20-30 minutes. This slowed my progress to a crawl as I could only see 10-20 feet in front of the front fender.

Due to this we lost two places are back at 22nd. This is a good example of how lack of preparation and constancy can be bad news.

Now we fight to gain those places back.


  1. Ok... So with day light savings does that mean an extra hour of racing?? Hope the racers & pit crew (aka Tina) have a safe night. Happy Halloween!

  2. This year they are doing 10am to 9am.. which is 24 hours due to the day light savings.