Sunday, July 19, 2009

2 rescues.. one weekend.

We just got back from a quick Sunday trip out to Lake Union for some swimming and sun... We came upon a poor lone sailor that had flipped his HobeCat. With some clever rigging and an able-bodied deck hands (Adam, Tina, Kaci, and Katie) we were able to rig a tag line over the skyward side of this boat. With a hard tug from the bow cleat of MV Miss Behaven we were able to right his boat before his mast/sale were completely submerged.

It was actually a pretty adrenaline pumped situation as he was right in the middle of a high traffic area, we were working against the clock, and the water was pretty rough. But, we were able to "right" his situation like the salty dogs that we are.

Chalk up one more point for our boating kharma (since we didn't get any tequila for this one kharma will have to do).

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